Monday, December 24

Merry Christmas

Hey bloggies!

Wanted to wish you all a happy & blessed Christmas!

I just got home from a family gathering for Christmas, and the time we spent together really showed me how much love there was right in front of me. I never had to look for it, for it was always there. The love we shared & had for each other is indescribable.

Sometimes, we may feel alone in this world, but if only we took the time to look at the people around us and the aura and care towards us they exude, we may be surprised at what we may find. Thing is that they've always been so close to us that we often take them for granted.

So this Christmas, I was reminded of the people who really loved and cared for me. And it was a love that's mutual. IMO, it's the simplest, most basic and purest type of love; Platonic love.

I may be wrong and I'm not too sure what Christmas really is all about, but this is what Christmas is to me (as an unreligious person).

May you all share and enjoy what Christmas means to you, cuz I don't believe that there's a right or wrong to how you interpretate what Christmas is. In this day & age, as long as what you believe in is good, brings & shares happiness, then the purpose of Christmas is accomplished.

Much love.~

Thursday, December 20

Career: Chapter Three

Finally taking yet another advancement in my career. Sure, it may be just another rite of passage in life, but I consider it to be a good leap forward! Huz'zah!

Ant, I know I should've heeded your advice sooner, but oh well, better late than never. Teehee! =P

Regardless, glad to say that I've no regrets for what I've done in the past; I'm forever thankful for where life has brought me thus far, and all the amazing people who has been a part of it.

With hindsight, I'm proud that I managed to survive being thrown into the deep end when I first started out in the line. I admit that it wasn't easy, but it was sink or swim!

And here I am today: Loving what I do and going somewhere with it (hopefully).

Now I'm moving on to not just a new page, but a whole new chapter in my life. There'd be expectations and I could only do my best to prove my worth and not disappoint my mentors. Wish me luck~

I'm raring to go!

Sunday, December 16

Dear Christmas Don't Be Late

I'm sooo addicted to this ad. A story of a boy who impatiently waits for Christmas. Watch the vid below to follow him on his journey to Christmas day~

Mega-touching and heartwarming.
Soundtrack: Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want (by Slow Moving Millie)

Christmas is just around the corner and I'm almost done with my shopping as well. Thanks to Roro's brilliant idea, I managed to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Yay! Now what's left are the gifts from me to me! Teehee~

Monday, December 3

Urbanscapes 2012

I had the best weekend of 2012 (and one of the bests in my life) last week.

The short version of Urbanscapes: Sigur Ros.

The long version: It started on Saturday afternoon. We had planned to go late; about 3-ish. But after the group's dilly-dallying around, we only made it to the field at 4:30pm. I was quite happy at the fact that apart from searching our bags for illegals, our food & water weren't touched (although they have specifically stated on their website that no outside food & drinks were allowed). Then again, Urbanscapes condones going green, so I guess they didn't see a reason for forcing guests to dump their reusable containers & make them buy bottled/canned drinks there. That's very commendable, Urbanscapes organisers! =)

It was my first time attending Urbanscapes, so I was thrilled at what they had to offer. I always thought it was just a music-fest, with bands playing all day long, F&B being sold at ridiculous prices, & everyone there would be at least half-drunk. Well it's all that, and so much more!

We setup our picnic mat with another group of friends who were already there. They were face-painting and all that jazz. Glitter was everywhere. Then we went off to the vendors, offering local clothing, accessories, and heaps of other cool stuff.

We wore flip-flops, which was an awful experience walking in muddy puddles cuz I ended up getting lots of mud splattered onto my back. Ugh. So we decided to embrace nature and go bare. Twas a nice experience, though I couldn't help but think about the bad infections and ringworms I was exposing myself to. Oh, I was just being paranoid. (Psst.. I'm the one with the whitest feet. Hehe!)

They had a good lineup of performers on both days, but I've hardly heard of most of them. As it got dark on Saturday, one of the stages (featuring Cee X H3 Sound System) played amazingly wicked beats! Later, Yuna came onto the main stage and the crowd followed. Personally, I felt that she's a good performer, but a tad bit too full of herself. Yes, she's popular and all, but geez, that woman needs to learn that modesty is an admirable art! We left halfway while she was singing cuz I didn't like how big the hot air balloon was bloating to.

Sunday was the deal-breaker. We got there slightly earlier and started chugging down booze and puffing cancer sticks, while listening to some nice local artists' tunes. It started to rain and everyone was running for cover. We played, sang and danced in the rain for awhile before pulling on the ponchos that were handed out. That evening was my first time watching Sheila Majid's live performance. I love that lady! See, she's been in the music industry for as long as I can remember (likely even earlier), and has thus earned her bragging rights; and yet, she didn't! Such elegance!

Just as the rain subsided, it was finally time for the final act by Sigur Ros; The main reason I was there! I was so excited and elated from the thc that I was almost in the fifth dimension of my own world. And then it began. I couldn't believe my ears when they opened to Glosoli! Like, oh my god! That was the very first song I listened to when I was introduced to their band. And for the entire 90 minutes, I listened to their every song with rapt attention. Such beautiful music, and a real privilege to hear them perform live.. An experience that I will treasure and cherish for many years to come.

Jonsi mesmerizing the crowd.
I carried my Sharpie with me, in hopes that I would bump into them and get my shirt autographed. Can you imagine? An autographed shirt by Sigur Ros! Omg, I would die happy! Unfortunately, it didn't happen and I was far too high to attend the after-party (Sigh, regrets!!). My colleague went for the after party at The Bee (which very few knew about), partied with them, took pictures, and they signed her shirt!! Arghhh! I'm so friggin' jealous! Ha~
But ah well, I'll count my blessings. It was still an unforgettable weekend!

 An awesome revamped classic school bus; Turned into a food bus (by The Bee)

My 2 awesome buddies, Jess & Armand @Urbanscapes 2012

Tuesday, November 27

The Pussy Place

Work ended rather late on Friday night, so after the 3-hour long meeting with the boss (which resulted in missing the office Diwali party that evening), I hunted my colleagues down at their places for some beers and friendly games of Monopoly Deal. Ingenious game, though I hate the fact that I suck at it.

Got hungry, so someone made a KFC run. Mmm... There's this strange satisfaction that I get from their Double Down sandwich. Fried, greasy, fatty goodness!

Then I headed out to meet some friends at a bar, where I refrained from drinking. Watching out for that belly. Later, we adjourned to a nightclub like no other; Club OSS at Solaris Mont Kiara. It was pretty much a pussy club; the sort you'd find in Thailand.

The place was packed with men, and I'm not talking Stonewall. The moment we walked in, we were greeted by several girls, clad in skimpy threads, offering friendly & welcoming smiles. We were seated near the center-stage, next to the runway. Drinks were served, and about 50 GROs came onto the stage.  After a few songs and countless garlands of flowers handed to them, the girls came down and started entertaining the hundreds of men. Yowza! Read, sleazy...

Cue for me to sit in the corner, lower my head, with phone in hand, tapping away on the touchscreen. In the course of an hour, 6 girls came up to me, trying to make me drink with them and to persuade me to buy inflated priced shooters for them from the bar. Yeah, like that's ever gonna happen...

Finally, one of them came up to me and shouted over the loud head-banging music, "You gay? You like boy?". Unsurprised, I gave her a smile, chuckled to myself, then turned away.....

Oh, lordy. Look at me, going to these kinda places and frequenting pubs and bars. I think I've been missing from the nightlife-scene a bit too long for my own good. Ha!