Friday, May 24

When Did You Choose To Be Straight?

Woohoo! I just got the awesomest belated birthday present from my parents! Well, they didn't actually say that it was for my birthday, but since I only got cash from them last year (and a return flight to the US. Bahahaha!), I'm considering this as an extension of my 25th. Sorta like part 2, ...or 3, whatever. Anyhoos, it's so magnificent that I'm gonna keep it for the rest of my life! Haha. But yeah, I'm serious. Sentimental values go a long long way.

Wanted to share a street interview clip that I watched yesterday. It's entertaining to watch straight people answer a question gay people have been asked for years...

Sunday, May 12

Mother's Day

Our life-givers.
Our nurturers.
Our caretakers.
Our Florence Nightingales.

Our firewalls.
Our shields.
Out protectors.
Our guardian angels.

Our homework teachers.
Our art class cheaters.
Our sports day cheerleaders.
Our school camp worriers.

Our alarm clocks.
Our drill sergeants.
Our defenders.
Our one [wo]man army.

Our financiers.
Our ATMs.
Our financial controllers.
Our greatest investors.

Our stress managers.
Our midnight oil refillers.
Our political advisors.
Our career counselors.

Our pillars of support.
Our best friends.
Our everything.
Our Mothers.