Tuesday, December 10

THE Weekend

It was no ordinary weekend. It was THE best weekend of 2013. And it has come and gone too quickly; and I miss every single minute of it.

Though we were trashed by many of the other teams, our team spirit never once faltered as we cheered each other on regardless of the race results.

To be fair, we were up against some of the strongest teams in the region: Brunei's national team, Thailand's national junior team, the Royal Malaysian Navy, the Royal Malaysian police force, and several prominent teams from Singapore.

Still, we never gave up and we were constantly challenging ourselves to race against our own best timing to set new team records. Though we lost many of the races, we managed to progress to the semi-finals and finals for a few of the categories, and even bagged first place in one of the repechage heats!

It was a very exciting weekend and we were not at all disheartened that we left empty handed. In fact, we left with invaluable experiences and memories spent with the team.

It has been a privilege paddling with the team and being a part of the family! Had such an awesome time and race in Penang, that marks the end of the year's season. I'm gonna miss the team while we take a short break before our training commences again.

Until next year...... x