Thursday, December 4

Happy Birthday

There are times when I've obviously taken you for granted.

My childishness, my nonsense, my tantrums, my unreasonable demands.
You put up with all of my shit, without question nor anger.

I've pushed you away several times, without thinking about what I'd do without you.

Yet you persevered.
Not once have you walked out on me.
You've always been there for me. Always.
Even when I didn't want you to.
Because you knew that I needed you.

For everything you've endured, I apologise.
And for everything you've done, I thank you.

Happy Birthday, my darling TJ.

Tuesday, November 25

The Love of Jeans for Men

If there’s one thing that I can never have too many of in my wardrobe, it’d definitely be jeans!

I love how they’re so versatile and there's a different trend and cut to suit your scene and liking as your dressing tastes evolve and change. And best of all, they're suitable for everyday casual wear; yet you could also dress it up as casual chic. Mmm.. I kinda like that term: Casual chic. xD

Funny thing is that I never really liked jeans until I was in my late teens, say about 18 or 19. I know right! =O How boring my closet must have been before then… But it was never too late, and was it ever a good age to start wearing jeans. My favourites then were slim cuts and skinnies! Paired off with a basic tee, and that was pretty much my standard uniform for classes at uni.

Night-outs were a lot more fun, as my friends and I would wear our best jeans out, matched with a fast-fashion dress shirt. We looked forward to cooler nights as well, so that we’d be able to wear our skinny ties and a blazer.

No, of course we didn't even come close to look like this guy. But hey, we didn't have a self-esteem problem. We freaking owned the world!

Oh, and were any of you ever into worn-out jeans? Yeah, you know, the look that makes you look like you can’t afford to pay for lunch. I totally love jeans that are slightly ripped/worn-out. I remember there was once where I couldn't afford them and resorted to making my own. That didn't turn out well and I ended up destroying a perfectly good pair of jeans. Boo….

You can’t dress these babies up, but they are so reflective of the active youthful urban/sub-urban lifestyle.

I still kinda like the worn-out jeans look, but instead of spending good money on already-torn jeans (they can be quite expensive!), I usually let my jeans wear-out on their own now. And by "on their own", I mean intentionally getting them hooked on stray nails, and stepping and dragging the cuffs on the floor to get the frayed-tattered look. Haha! Maybe it's just me, but I find that having them ripped 'genuinely' is more personalized and places more sentimental value to the pair of jeans.

I've also found a liking for bootcut jeans. They "are slim in the rear and thigh", and flares out at the ankle to fit over boots; Perfect for high-tops! They're a bit rare and hard to find in this part of the world since most men here don't wear boots. But if you do come across a pair (especially slim boot cuts), give me a holler and I'd defo wanna check them out!

Now how can you tell me this doesn't look cute? =P

Ahh, how I love to shop for jeans! And I have online shopping to thank! I mean really, if they told me that I'd be spending half my life working after I graduated, I'd have stuck to being a mature student for the rest of my life. How on earth did people in the workforce find time to shop before online shopping was invented? Real time shopping takes dedication and a great deal of time; especially when you're looking for that perfect piece of apparel.

Online shopping is my saving grace (and it might also be the very death of me. Lol)! I find that it's such a time-saver cuz you get to browse through entire collections one page at a time. I usually just head over to ZALORA to search for jeans for men online; they've got quite a good and wide selection to choose from. They even offer free delivery and have an awesome returns policy, so I don't have to worry about buying stuff that doesn't fit. Woo!

And I can also buy new threads without TJ the *ahem*financialcontroller*ahem* knowing. Wakakakaka~

Sunday, November 23

He Never Knew My Name

I lost an old & trusted companion this week.

I'm so sorry, Vodka boy. You were a good friend.

Thank you, for everything you've done for us;
For being there for me, every single night when I was alone.
Goodbye, you silly little puppy.
You'll always be remembered.

Rest in peace.
2005 - 2014 (18 Nov)

P.s. I'm missing you already.

Tuesday, October 21

The 6 Month Recap

Hey bloggies!

So I guess I may start to spend more time writing here again. I find that writing (or typing) is actually a really good way to take my mind off negative thoughts. It's always good to look back and remember the good things and blessings in life, rather than to dwell on the negative. Plus I believe that both happiness and negativity are contagious; so I'd very much like to rub off my positivity to others.
Ah, spread the love~

Anywaaaaay, life's been treating me well lately, to say the very least. I've learned to play the ukulele for about half a year now, and it's really fun. TJ and I used to hang out at cafes on lazy afternoons and I'd arm myself with some paper, a pen, and my sister's ukulele (borrowed from her cuz I couldn't afford my own. hehe) and learn simple chords to some songs. Ecole P in Damansara Uptown was my favourite place to do this.

TJ gave me a ukulele for my birthday, and I played it and sang at my brother's wedding earlier this month. It was an honour to sing on their big day, and I wish the newlyweds every happiness!

I've also started to learn songwriting recently, but that's an entirely different ballgame altogether. Hopefully one day when I get the hang of it, I'll be able to write songs and play them for the people who bring happiness to my life.

Daddy's also been helping me start a new hobby, so he bought me a camera. Thanks, Daddy! It's so new that I haven't even unboxed it yet. Lol, he just gave it to me this week. I'll probably explore it later tonight and bring it out tomorrow since it's a public holiday. Yay, I can hardly wait!

So much to do, yet so little time. I've been trying to workout as much as I can as well. Though I'm nowhere near having six-packs as yet, project #racetosix is still very much alive and seeing gradual results. Yay! But my target for early-November is turning into a pipe dream. I think I may have to extend my deadline to be more realistic. I'm gonna try for end of March 2015. Haha!

Also, I've ordered a new dragon boating paddle, which has yet to arrive. Hoping that I'll get it before this weekend so that I'll get to use it on Saturday. We're now training for our next race; it's gonna be on November 8 & 9  at Clarke Quay in Singapore. So excited cuz it's our first race outside of Malaysia. Wheee~

After the race, dragon boat training will probably slow down a bit for me (until the next season starts), so I'll get to spend more time doing yoga on weekends again. Yup, TJ and I started attending yoga classes on weekends some months ago, but we haven't been able to go recently cuz of my busy weekend training schedule. I'm as stiff as a board, hopefully more stretching and bending sessions will help fix that. Wish me luck!

I can't believe it's already coming to the end of October! Time really flies. But well, it's been a really good year so far.. And I'm gonna make the next 2 months the best of it!

Tuesday, October 14

The Good Run

If you knew me 5 years ago, I would have been a very different person with a very different lifestyle back then. I hardly slept at night and I would spend way too much time and waste far too much money at the nightclubs every week. Looking back, I had so much silly fun then and although I wouldn't want to relive that part of my life again, it's something that I don't regret doing either. My past is something that I enjoyed at that time and I guess I just grew out of it. The moments and friendships I had will always be cherished, and it's something that I will look back at and smile. Here are 30 signs that my wild party animal side is behind me...

1. I don’t have new drunk picture tags of me on Facebook anymore.
2. Drinking cuz “Wednesday is the new Friday” is a total lie.
3. On Friday nights, I’m snuggled in bed by 12:30am.
4. I find and come up with all sorts of excuses to avoid going clubbing.
5. I don’t go clubbing alone anymore (dear god, what was I thinking back then?).
6. I don’t feel as excited to do shots as I used to.
7. No vodka.
8. Hangovers are real.
9. When I go out, I ask for the dress code of the place and if it’s OK if I wear shorts.
10. I don’t sleep in past 10am on weekends (I usually get up waaay earlier!).
11. It’s actually possible to make it in time for McDonald’s breakfasts.
12. I can only retell my old "night-out" stories and my friends will say, “We’ve heard that one before”.
13. I think twice before reaching for a cigarette when I’m out drinking.
14. I keep my own wallet instead of passing it to a friend for safekeeping.
15. I don’t bring more than a certain amount of cash when I go for a night out.
16. When I go out clubbing, I secretly wish I brought earplugs along.
17. I regret telling people, “If it’s too loud, you’re too old!”.
18. I don’t really know what to wear to a nightclub anymore.
19. The thought of making out with a random stranger doesn’t excite me anymore.
20. Instead of going out, I say things like “I’m really tired and need some rest tonight”.
21. My parents don’t remind me to not drink too much anymore.
22. When I buy shirts, I’ll think if I can wear them for work. Not for a night out.
23. I can no longer “dance like no one is looking” anymore.
24. That said, I don’t even dance anymore.
25. I no longer go to mamaks for supper.
26. I can count the number of times I’ve been out to a club this year with one hand.
27. I can almost forget how that ringing noise you get in your ear after walking out of a club sounds like.
28. I don’t remember the last time I smelled alcohol-puke.
29. I don’t buy concealer make up to hide hickies anymore.
30. I prefer quiet bars where I can have a conversation with the people I'm out with.

Tuesday, June 17

Fitness Level Up

So we ended the dragon boat season with 3 silvers and 2 bronzes for the team from the races in Putrajaya & Penang! Huz'zah! We didn't expect to win anything, so it was a pleasant surprise and a marked improvement from our race in Penang last year (we didn't win anything then). Ha. It feels great to know that our team is growing stronger, and that we're putting up a good fight even against international contenders.

Will be spending a lot more time with the team for at least another year, as we just had our annual team meeting and I'm one of the four new members appointed to the committee. Defo looking forward to more social activities, as well as training harder with the team!

Also, I'm really happy that Celebrity Fitness has granted me a free membership to their gyms! And I realized that I've never been to a CF gym before. Hmm. Probably gonna frequent the one in SS2 mall, since it's really quite close to home. I know that I often say that I wouldn't go to the gym and how it wouldn't work for me, but training 3 times a week with the team just isn't doing it for me. As strenuous as our HIIT drills are, it's not enough anymore. So I'm gonna start working out on days that I don't train with the team.

Anyone interested to join me at the gym after work? I'm planning to train on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. Preferably at SS2 mall, but I can also do Bangsar or Mid Valley. Lemme know! I'm sooo not used to training alone.

Thursday, January 23

A Simple Life

Hey bloggies! Okay, this is a bit delayed.... but Happy 2014!

Hmm, there was supposed to be a Christmas post here somewhere; dunno what happened to that. Oh well.~

Anyhoos, TJ and I survived our first holiday together! Hanoi was beautiful! Loved it so much there, I hope to stay there permanently some day. Seriously. It's loads better than KL.

Yes, the streets may be filled with motorbikes and scooters and it may seem like an adventure every time you attempt to cross the street. But hey, KL's no better. In fact, Hanoi traffic is comparatively slow moving, so vehicle-pedestrian accidents are less prone to happen compared to Malaysia's insanely speeding traffic. And while KL's traffic congestion can make you crawl a bare 50m in an hour, Hanoi's traffic hardly stops moving. Definitely a win for the Vietnamese city.

It's also far safer in Hanoi than it is in KL. Of course, we didn't let our guard and was constantly wary of pick-pocketers. But we also walked in dark alleys late at night without worrying about being robbed or slashed by machete-wielding fuckwats. There was a sense of security in Hanoi that we could never feel in Malaysia anymore.

Surprisingly, Hanoi is clean. Not as freakishly-OCD clean like Singapore, but definitely cleaner than Malaysia. People there are more civic-minded than Malaysians who toss rubbish out of their cars and litter everywhere. Fucking litterbugs.

Cost of living in Hanoi is generally lower than in KL; the amount varies depending on your lifestyle and demands. We managed to snag a meal for 4 at a 'coffee-shop' for only 95,000 Vietnamese Dongs (that's about RM15). But if you're a bit more affluent, you can spend three times that amount per person for a meal at a fancy restaurant. I think it's pretty similar to what we have in Malaysia. There are options to save, and options to splurge. Really depends on what you're after. For me, I loved their street food! Especially the ones where I had to sit on a footstool next to the drain. Oh so yummy... Lol!

The most important thing I loved about Hanoi is that the trip there gave me a new perspective on my life. For as long as I can remember, I've always strived for a luxurious and lavish lifestyle. That was my ultimate goal in life. We've been conditioned to believe that with a colossal amount of money, we could get anything that we've ever wanted. And somehow that equated to happiness. I'm not gonna deny it. I'm materialistic. And along the way, I've failed to appreciate what I already have.

Hanoi has, in a way, showed me what true happiness is to me....