Tuesday, June 17

Fitness Level Up

So we ended the dragon boat season with 3 silvers and 2 bronzes for the team from the races in Putrajaya & Penang! Huz'zah! We didn't expect to win anything, so it was a pleasant surprise and a marked improvement from our race in Penang last year (we didn't win anything then). Ha. It feels great to know that our team is growing stronger, and that we're putting up a good fight even against international contenders.

Will be spending a lot more time with the team for at least another year, as we just had our annual team meeting and I'm one of the four new members appointed to the committee. Defo looking forward to more social activities, as well as training harder with the team!

Also, I'm really happy that Celebrity Fitness has granted me a free membership to their gyms! And I realized that I've never been to a CF gym before. Hmm. Probably gonna frequent the one in SS2 mall, since it's really quite close to home. I know that I often say that I wouldn't go to the gym and how it wouldn't work for me, but training 3 times a week with the team just isn't doing it for me. As strenuous as our HIIT drills are, it's not enough anymore. So I'm gonna start working out on days that I don't train with the team.

Anyone interested to join me at the gym after work? I'm planning to train on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. Preferably at SS2 mall, but I can also do Bangsar or Mid Valley. Lemme know! I'm sooo not used to training alone.