Thursday, December 31

Pursuing Happiness

It's the last quarter of the last day of the year.
The beginning of an end.
The end of a new chapter.
A new page.
An empty page.

Writing your own stories.
Your own fairytales.
Filled with happy ever afters.
Daydreams and wishes.
The Grand Plan.

But there will come a point.
When you feel so weary.
That you decide to stop trying.
When you just want to turn your back on it all.
And whisper to yourself, "Enough".

But always remember.
That even in the darkest hour.
When everything else fails.
There is always Hope.

Happiness is a lifelong pursuit.

Thank you, 2015.
You've given so much.
Taken so much.

Here's to a new year.
A hopeful year.
A better year.

For all of us.