Saturday, January 23

Dare To Jump!

I have to say, the first three weeks of 2016 has been fairly kind to me. Adjusting myself to the aftermath of the breakup, I've met a few new friends, I'm a step closer to starting a new career, halfway through my first novel for the year (though a bit behind schedule), collaborating with my bestie to write two songs, project #racetosix is still going strong, been drinking a lot more often (dunno if that's a good thing haha), and I'll be making my first solo trip next month!


I've been wanting to travel alone for the longest time; and it's finally happening! Hope to check a few things off my bucket list, and find some really compulsive & enriching things to do while I'm there! It's just a 6-day trip, but planning has been quite messy so far, to say the least, and I'd be very pleased with myself if I'm able to keep within my budget. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 20

Be Brave

Take action.
Speak up.
Express yourself.
Live your life.
Appreciate the little things.
Dance like no one's watching.
Sing in public.
Laugh to and at yourself.
Eat all your favourite foods in one day.
Run till your legs hurt.
Beat up a punching bag.
Hold your breath underwater.

Unfuck your life.
Have the courage to cry.
Love yourself first.
Then fall in love with another.
Go as far as your heart will take you.
Explore possibilities.
Defy your fear of change.
Hold your head high.
Do what you once thought was unthinkable.
Chase after your dreams.
Dare to find your happiness.
Be Brave.

Wednesday, January 13

Resolutions, 2016

So this happened. I finally decided to call it an early night (I've been sleeping late for the past few weeks), fell asleep for 20 minutes, had a weird dream, and now I'm here, wide awake. Fuzznaughts.

So I realised that I didn't really make any resolutions for the year. I guess it's never too late. I wouldn't take this list too seriously though; it is, after all, way past midnight and I'm just making my brain tired so that I can go back to bed. Ha!

1. Stay Positive
Definitely at the top of the list! I think I'm at a very fragile point in my life where I could very easily slip and fall, then blame the world for filling me with despair; but I'm not about to let that happen. There are definitely two sides (or maybe even more) to everything, and I'm learning to look at matters from different perspectives. And even if things worsen, if the rain gets harder, when the nights seem longer; well maybe that's a gift too.

2. Jumpstart Project #racetosix
Seriously. I've been putting this off for way too long! I went to the gym for the last time on December 31, 2015. That was when they told me that my free membership had expired in 2014. Lol. Since then, I've been sweating it out without the gym. It's been good, and I've been really disciplined so far, working out every day. I'm alternating between HIIT workouts at home, and running topless around the neighbourhood in the evening. It's such a thrill to get stares at the parks. Ha, I know, I'm such an attention seeker. I've also been doing a new abs drill, which is simple and effective. I'm setting an April deadline to achieve this, for Songkran. No, I'm not even going to Songkran this year. I just wanna say that I got my Songkran body 2 years too late. Haha!

3. Learn
No surprises here. I've been spending too much time online, reading useless articles, gossip, and "news" from social media. I'm going to limit myself on those and spend more time learning and acquiring new skills to upgrade my life. I'm currently reading some tutorials on economics, and will look into learning some basics of programming, and a refresher course for applied statistics (have I mentioned that I love statistics?).

4. Read
I've purchased so many books in the past, and I haven't even touched them. They're mostly fiction, but I think that's a good start to spark an interest to read. I think that with the rise of technology and its technological gadgets, as well as an addiction to social media, many do not read nor appreciate the art of literature anymore. I don't want to fall into that pit, so I pledge to read at least 12 books this year. I know 12 isn't much for a start, but it's 12 more than last year!

5. Write
I'm trying to discover my passion in life, and I believe that it may be writing - something that I haven't done in a long while. I hope to update this blog a bit more often, and do a lot more of my personal writing as well. I need find the inspiration to provoke my thoughts, and rediscover the many pleasures of writing. Oh, I'm so excited already! It's going to be a great year! - as long as I stay focused. Lol!

Okay. That's all for tonight. I'm sleepy again and ready to go to bed now.
Good night.

Monday, January 11

Untraveled Passages

Hey bloggies!

Well my last post may have been a tad too emotional. But I was feeling rather dispirited at the time I published it, and there was a reason for me to log it here. Perhaps someday I could look back and ponder over some grog.

Anyhoos, many thanks for those of you who have taken the effort to check up on me. I really appreciate the concern. It's times like these when I know who my true friends are.

For those of you who haven't managed to connect the dots yet, I entered 2016 single.

It's been almost a month since we broke up.
Our relationship lasted exactly 2 years and 9 months.
Everything has been different since, and I foresee more changes to come.

Am I afraid? I was, but I'm unsure now.
The future is uncertain, and I've tread into unknown territories.

But you know what? I'm starting to feel that if we care too much about the future, then we may start to lose the meaning of the present. I think that sometimes we have to be daring enough to live and appreciate the 'now', and let our future map itself as we go along. We say that "the sky's the limit", so we shouldn't be fixated beneath a roof that we've built.

Because really, at this point, I don't see what could I possibly be afraid of anymore.

Thursday, January 7

Rain Is A Good Thing

What goes around comes around, or so they say.
Some would even go as far to say that 'Karma's a bitch'.
*Shrugs* Maybe.

I admit that I've done some pretty bad things in the past. And I've been warned that Karma's not just a bitch; she's a fucking cunt, and she'll be back to bite me in the gonads. Harsh!

And you know what? Karma did come knocking on my door.

But I learned that Karma comes in different forms, and instead of serving a bitter payback, Karma presented itself as a lesson; a reminder of the past. A caution to not let history repeat itself. Or at least that's how I chose to see it.

I'm not saying that I've done bad, and gotten good Karma in return; It's still badass Karma, and it's driving me insane! I knew I had this coming, so it's a little too late to regret now.

I'm not gonna sulk about it. What's done is done, and there's little, or really nothing I can do to change anything.

After all, it's a fucking new year, so I'll pick my fucking self up and fucking get through this; even if I have to do it alone.

I may be alone, but I'm not lonely.
I'm sad, but I refuse to break.
I'm scared, but not weak.
I feel pain, but I'm not bruised.
I may seem dejected, but I choose to stay positive.

Not only will I survive this, but I will prevail.