Saturday, January 23

Dare To Jump!

I have to say, the first three weeks of 2016 has been fairly kind to me. Adjusting myself to the aftermath of the breakup, I've met a few new friends, I'm a step closer to starting a new career, halfway through my first novel for the year (though a bit behind schedule), collaborating with my bestie to write two songs, project #racetosix is still going strong, been drinking a lot more often (dunno if that's a good thing haha), and I'll be making my first solo trip next month!


I've been wanting to travel alone for the longest time; and it's finally happening! Hope to check a few things off my bucket list, and find some really compulsive & enriching things to do while I'm there! It's just a 6-day trip, but planning has been quite messy so far, to say the least, and I'd be very pleased with myself if I'm able to keep within my budget. Wish me luck!


William said...

Where to?

the viennamese said...

Chiang Mai! Have been wanting to go there in a while. So finally, yay!

Anonymous said...

will you tell your readers out there what happened in the relationship ? from your point of view?its just so surprising