Monday, February 1


Happy February bloggies! So the first month of the year is buh-bye! I hope that most, if not all, of your resolutions for 2016 are holding up well so far.

Mine's going pretty good (except for the 'Learn' part... meh); I'm still staying positive, I've gained a bit of weight but that's OK, found a few more books to read, and I'm writing more every week! I've been checking out and it's been giving me a lot of ideas to write. If you're a creative person and/or enjoy the arts in any way, be it music, theatre, screenwriting, poetry, graphic design, illustration, film, or photography etc., do have a look to see if it interests you.

And oooh, my solo trip starts tomorrow morning! Lol, I think I'm gonna be way too excited to fall asleep tonight, which is just as well cuz my flight is at 7AM, and I'll be going to Chiang Mai! It's supposed to be a trip alone, but hmm... I've already befriended someone who lives there; we met online. I wonder if that still counts, since we'll be meeting up at one point or another. Ha.

It's gonna be so much fun! I've (sorta) got an itinerary planned out, with lots of room to explore the city and some parts of the outskirts as well.

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I'll be back just in time for the CNY reunion with my family, which may be cutting a bit close. But heh, it'll be okay cuz I've got the world on a string! ;)

I love you all!


A Law said...

Nice man! Have a great trip ya!

the viennamese said...

Many thanks! :)