Tuesday, March 8

24 Hours

Someone asked me.
"If you had 24 hours left to live, what would you do?"

My answers were typical.
I'd spend my remaining time with the people I love.
Doing the things I love most.
Eating my favourite delicacy.
Sipping my favourite wine.
Singing my favourite songs.
There would be a lot of chatter, smiles, and laughter.
It would definitely be one of the happiest times of my life!

The notion of such a moment itself brought so much happiness.
It's nothing unusual.
I want to die happy.
Who wouldn't?

Then I thought to myself..
It would probably never happen.

Come on.
For real.

Few would ever know when's their last 24 hours alive.
So instead of dreaming about unrealistic answers of what I'd do;
I asked myself a simple question.
"Were you happy in the past 24 hours?"

I've started to dream less about being happy.
And really, just get down to actually do it.
Because happiness is not something that's gonna fall from the sky.
Unless you want to play in the rain (which is a really fun thing to do).
Happiness is something we can, and should, give ourselves every day.
We owe ourselves our own happiness.
And no one can take that away from you.

So, yes.
I am happy.
And it's my daily goal to ensure that that's always my answer at the end of every day.

Stop waiting for happiness to happen.
Create your own happiness.
It's your life.
Live it!

Then ask yourself.
"Were you happy in the past 24 hours?"

(source: pixabay.com)


thompsonboy said...

In theory yes, but sometimes happiness is delayed. You need to pull through some nasty shit in order to get happiness later on. But still, the trick is to keep on trying.

the viennamese said...

thompsonboy, mm hmm. It's true that a lot of time and effort is sometimes needed to obtain a greater happiness. But we should definitely stop to appreciate the little things as well. Try to find that little piece of gold hidden in the pile of shit we wade through. Life will seem better =)

Anonymous said...

I love your snowy skin and dream of 69 with you. A one off thingy.

marcus sequerah said...

I agree to what you have wrote... If we aren't happy then what's the point of living it...

the viennamese said...

Anonymous, haha ONS with me? Oh dear.

Marcus, hear hear! =)